How a Home Value Estimator Site Works

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Here at Simpson Real Estate Appraisals, we know that the prospect of selling your home can be intimidating–even if you definitely want to move, the process of listing and selling your current home can seem too complicated to know where to start. One of the first steps that you’ll need to take before you can put your property on the market is getting your home value assessed. While there are professionals who can provide this information, there are a growing number of online home value estimators that offer accuracy and convenience. In this article, our team will provide a brief overview of how these sites work so that you get a better understanding of their results.

How a Home Value Estimator Site Works

Home value estimators use a combination of local real estate data and mathematical modelling to calculate how much they think your home is worth. The data that these programs use consists of public records, such as deeds of ownership, property transfers, and tax assessments for properties in your area, and all this data gets run through the program to generate a prediction of how much your home is worth. In addition, the home value estimators that real estate professionals like us at Simpson Real Estate Appraisals use take things one step further. Our team understands that the predicted value of your home according to the program may not line up with its actual market value, so we provide a confidence score to let you know how far off the mark those results may be–for example, a confidence score of 90% indicates that the real price may be up to 10% off from the estimated one.

We at Simpson Real Estate Appraisals hope that this information has helped demystify at least one part of the home-selling process. If you are looking for a home value estimator that’s as accurate as possible, simply turn to our team.