What’s the Best Way to Research House Prices?

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Let’s face it– if you want to know current house prices in your area, there are many websites boasting that they can provide this information. Many mainstream websites will claim that they have the most up-to-date information about homes in areas all over the map. The truth is, however, that these websites aren’t always accurate.

What’s the Best Way to Research House Prices?

If you want to know about house prices in your area, there are some better ways to discover the most accurate numbers. One option is to talk to a realtor in your area to discover the current market trends for buying and selling homes. Another option is to speak with a real estate appraiser who is well-versed in current house prices.

If you choose to speak with a realtor, you may find that they can give numbers for buying and selling, but the actual home value is less clear. Realtors work with clients to ensure that they can buy or sell their homes quickly and with as few snags as possible. This is an important service that they provide for their community! However, realtors also rely on home appraisers to guide them as they list homes on the market.

Home appraisers are your best resource for house prices when you truly want an accurate number. Home appraisers take time to inspect homes, looking for specific target items such as added square footage and fire, electrical, and water hazards, for example. Their thorough checklist allows them to give accurate numbers for house prices that are reliable.

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